Student Registration

Please note that Q Camp is designed for pre-university students in Singapore. We can only consider applications from international participants after our registration deadline on 3 June. If you are a student from another country, you are welcome to apply to join the waitlist. We will write to you after 3 June to tell you whether we can offer you a spot.

Important Note:

By submitting this form, I consent to National University of Singapore (NUS) collecting, using and/or disclosing my personal data to third parties (including any third party located outside of Singapore) for the purpose of organising Q Camp, a summer camp offered by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, stated herein. I further declare and warrant that for any personal data of another individual disclosed by me in this application, I have, prior to disclosing such personal data to NUS, obtained the appropriate consent from the individual whose personal data is being disclosed, to permit NUS to collect, use and disclose such personal data for purposes related to Q Camp.