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5 – 9 June 2023


Please be reminded that registration is not a guarantee of a place due to the limited spots available for QCamp 2023.

Selected Age: 17
Size  Shoulder  Chest  Sleeve  Length
XS 15" 36" 7.5" 26"
S 16" 38" 8" 27"
M 17" 40" 8.5" 28"
L 18" 42" 9" 29"
XL 19" 44" 9.5" 30"

Just leave this blank if you don’t have any, it has no bearing on the application. (Usually, teachers like to know if their students have been accepted to QCamp, so we would update them once the participants are finalised).

We have limited spots for QCamp 2023, and are looking to accept a variety of students with diverse interests. So, use this to convince us that you would really like to take part!
This only helps us build QCamp! It won't play a part in your application. We are asking this so that we can prepare QCamp to fit you better! You can check out the list of planned activities in the timetable.
This only helps us build QCamp! It won't play a part in your application. Discussion circles are casual discussion groups about cultural or philosophical extensions of quantum mechanics, career-directed exchanges, and other more holistic topics. Example topics include
  1. • career perspectives
  2. • managing personal, academic, and professional life
  3. • philosophy and ethics of quantum physics
  4. • quantum physics in popular culture and mass media

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